Best Bodyboards For All Ages

Best Bodyboards For All Ages

Bodyboards are boards that are used by water sport enthusiasts who love body boarding. It is a water sport where you ride the body board on its crest on the waves of water that is hurtling towards the shore. So how do you choose the best bodyboards?

Bodyboards come in different sizes and colour variants that you can choose from according to your needs.

What is the purpose of bodyboards?

Bodyboards has its purpose among the vast oceans by the beach and very much less on land. Following are some of the key purposes it will benefit you, if you are a true fan of summer water sports:

  • Bodyboard comes with different designs and shapes, so it is strongly recommended that you choose the right board as per your abilities
  • Balance is an important aspect while bodyboarding, especially when you hit the shore break. Therefore, the crust present on the front of the board offers you the grip that you require to attain that balance
  • Your personal choice of colour, textures, design, material and so on can be made during purchase to make it look glamorous and intriguing to the eye
  • It is very soft and makes you feel comfortable once you lie on it.

Which are the best bodyboards?

Some of the best bodyboards on the market in 2018 that you can choose are as follows;

  • Morey Mach 7 Bodyboard

This type of bodyboard ranges in size between 41 inch and 43 inches. It is made up of Polyethylene core that has a very long durability and does not wear easily. However, you shall not take these advantages for granted, instead you are strongly recommended to handle with care

  • Beach Attack Waveweapon

This type of bodyboard has sizes of 33, 37 and 41 inches respectively. The material that the bodyboard is manufactured from is EPS core that offers you a great balance. Therefore, you are not bound to lose balance when you hit the shore break and come to a standstill

  • Lucky Bums Bodyboard

This type of bodyboard also has size of 33,37 and 41 inches respectively. The material used is like that of the beach attack waveweapon, with an addition of Polyethylene bottom. This ensures that your bodyboard does not wear out easily and does provide you a frim grip when you hit the mighty waves.

In conclusion, each bodyboard has its special attributes and with this guide you can choose the best bodyboard that suits your style.