Diving clubs in Australia

Diving is a very popular sport in Australia. One of the most famous diving destinations in the world – Great Coral Reef is located in Australia. Thousands of tourists and divers come there in order to discover the magic of this mesmerizing place. Luckily, there are lots of diving courses and several hundred diving clubs in Australia. Some of them have a long tradition, while the others stand out for their high-tech equipment, new teaching methods, and extraordinary trainers. Let’s check the top three diving clubs in Australia.

Dive Victoria Group

This is definitely one of the best and most popular diving clubs in Australia. It was founded in 2001. Since then, the Dive Victoria Group diving courses, programs, and lessons have evolved in accordance with the state-of-the-art technology, equipment, as well as modern diving teaching methods and techniques. Are you a total beginner who wants to discover the sea for the first time? Your welcome! Are you an experienced diver looking for an additional education and top-level certification? You are welcome too. Dive Victoria Group has everything different groups, age groups, levels and budgets require.

Melbourne PADI Scuba Diving Centre

If you are interested in diving, you had definitely heard of PADI. Melbourne PADI Scuba Diving Centre is a proud PADI member with great experience, top-level teachers, and a safe studying environment. Melbourne PADI Scuba Diving Centre is one of the diving clubs in Australia which completely comply with Australian diving safety standards. One of the best benefits of learning how to dive in this very club are flexible lessons, new lessons starting each week (how convenient!), as well as flexibility when it comes to group or individual training. The learning dynamics and tempo are user-tailored.

The Australian Divemaster Academy

This diving club also offers a PADI-accredited 10-week course. The location of the diving lessons is mesmerizing. The out-of-this-world beauty of Byron Bay will definitely leave all of the divers and Academy students speechless. The students can choose between five categories: Open Water Diver, Advanced Diver, Rescue Diver, First Aid & O2 Provider and finally, the Divemaster.

In conclusion, as Australia is an island country with amazing diving destinations, attractions, and peculiarities, it is not surprising that there is a large number of diving clubs on the territory of this country. Some of the best diving clubs in Australia include Dive Victoria Group, Melbourne PADI Scuba Diving Centre, and The Australian Divemaster Academy.

Diving clubs in New Zealand

New Zealand is a true divers’ heaven. Lots of different diving destinations, rare fish species, black corals, shipwreck destinations, locations rich in large fish kinds, unique volcanic diving spots, as well as underwater flora and forests are just parts of the endless New Zealand hidden diving treasury. Furthermore, national parks in New Zealand allow diving, which is great due to unique opportunities to explore peculiar diving sites. Luckily, there are lots of diving clubs in New Zealand which can provide training, certification, equipment, as well as a great company for safe and pleasant diving.

Botany Bottom Scratchers

This diving club is one of the most famous diving clubs in New Zealand with 14 years long tradition. The club has more than 50 active members and the best thing about it are their regular, planned trips to different diving destinations, both in New Zealand and abroad. Being a member brings you lots of benefits, including amazing discounts, using club boats, education, PADI certificates, and rescue diver lessons. Pool sessions, socializing and networking are a must if you are Botany Bottom Scratchers member.

New Zealand Dolphin Underwater Dive and Adventure Club

New Zealand Dolphin Underwater Dive and Adventure Club is located in North Shore, Auckland. It was founded in 1953 as a fishing club. Later, it evolved into a scuba diving club. Today, the club offers lots of different sports and adventure activities and this is why families of divers love it too. Besides diving, the club offers camping, trekking, sailing, kayaking and other adventurous programs for different age groups. Among the diving clubs in New Zealand, the NZ Dolphin Underwater Dive and Adventure Club is the one that promotes education, safety and exploring interesting and attractive locations.

Piako Underwater Club

This club dates back to 1976. The club members differ in age, proficiency level and interests. There are beginners, as well as experienced and professional divers. More experienced divers always share their knowledge and skills with the novice members. The club offers renting boats and diving trips organized by Piako are always unforgettable and valuable experiences.

In conclusion, there are lots of high-quality diving clubs in New Zealand. A lot of them offer PADI certification, while some are based on community spirit and sharing knowledge between the members. Joining a diving club is a very good decision as it will help you gain skills, self-confidence and allow you to explore hidden destinations in a safe and interesting way.

Timing the best Whale Shark Season in Maldives is Crucial for Enjoying your Visit

There is nothing like planning to go for whale shark observation in Maldives while having in mind the right season of the year. If you are planning to visit Maldives, then the first thing that you need to be aware of is the right shark season in that area. It is important to time the right season if you are planning to visit Maldives simply because that is when you will get to dive and observe sharks and whales. What are the right whale shark season in Maldives? According to research, it has been observed that sharks are present in Maldives in all the months of the year. You will also find them inhabiting the western side of Maldives. This is basically from May to December.

The whale sharks will, however, migrate to the eastern side from December to April and with that you are now aware of where to go for ocean deep diving with the aim of finding the right time and place to get the right kinds of animals you want to observe.

Advantages of timing the whale shark season in Maldives

One of the benefit of timing the right whale sharks season is due to the fact that it is only during this season that you will get to observe sharks and whales at the same time. Besides, proper timing will also ensure that you don’t waste your time at a resort nearby waiting for the sharks and whales to come. You will be aware of the right place and time to go for deep diving. There are a number of best places in Maldives where you will get to swim and get to see the whale sharks. Some of the protected areas also allows you to dive and swim with the shark whales for as long as you want to.

Timing the best whale shark season in Maldives will also help you as far as wanting to make your visit full fun and a memorable one. If you want to take your family out for shark whale viewing, then you better be aware of the right time because the right time is what will give you the right experience and will be a good source of fun for your family in the long run. The whale shark season in Maldives is known as the peak season because it is the only time when you will get to see sharks even at a single dive.