How to get the best dive knives for your diving adventures

When you are looking for good dive knives, you have plenty of options, the smallest ones, big ones, odd looking and so on. But it is important to choose the best one only because it is a top priority to have a knife underwater to get you out of any uncertain trouble, not attacking the seaborne villains.

Steel knife, Alloy or the Titanium dive knife

It is all about your money and how much you are willing to pay. Titanium knife costs twice the price of the same dive knife in steel. Titanium knife is little pricey as it does not rust like steel. If you are looking for Best dive knives, you can go for the Titanium one as they are lighter and stronger than steel. Unless you need the knives for a short time, like a holiday you can go for the titanium one.

Titanium blades are surely the best but as your second best choice you can consider the 300 series alloy. These types of knives need a little bit care to last long. The alloy is sharp resistance but you need to sharpen the knife after few uses.

Good Sheath

Without a good sheath, your dive knife can fall out in your very first dive. It is one of the most important factors to keep in mind if you are looking for Best dive knives. It is better to check whether it clips in the flush or you need to jiggle to get it in. You can also make sure that if you can put it back in either way round because you will not be able to see very well when you are diving underwater.


If you are looking for the Best dive knives, you need to consider few important features of it like:

  • A smooth and standard blade
  • A serrated blade that may allow you to cut through things without applying lots of downward pressure
  • A net cutter

Dive attachments

Some of the dive knives come with the straps only and others with lots of other things. If you want to strap the knife onto your leg, then don’t go for the knives with hose attachments. You can also go for a high quality branded knives to get more attachment options.

Always keep in mind that finest and best dive knives are just a tool and not your underwater weapon. So don’t buy a 10inch cutlass, it will be difficult to use. Have the one with the 5-inch blade and have the same size handle and make a practical choice.

How much does a good snorkel mask cost?

Mask is one of the most important pieces of snorkeling equipment. So when you want a good quality one you will be wondering – how much does a good snorkel mask cost? It is one of the equipment pieces that should never be rented or borrowed. Snorkeling requires having your own mask. The reason for this is its ability of the mask to adjust itself to the shape of your face after several uses. Your mask will get deformed if another person uses it.

The price range of good snorkeling masks

If you are buying a snorkeling set, that’s great! You will probably get a great deal for a set of 3 or 4 pieces of snorkeling equipment. On the other hand, the equipment package might not be exactly what you are looking for when it comes to a specific part of the equipment, for example, the mask. Universal size and shape simply cannot fit everyone. A good snorkel mask is almost always found separately. This is especially valid for more advanced users and the professionals.

This is where we come to the question of the mask price. How much does a good snorkel mask cost? Generally, the prices of decent snorkeling masks range from 30 USD to more than 150 USD.

You probably ask yourself why the price range is so wide. What are the features that make a good snorkel mask stand out? Let’s find out.

How to choose a quality snorkel mask

The snorkel mask creates an air space between you and the environment, i.e. it must allow you to watch and see clearly under the water. The snorkel mask also has the so-called nose pocket so that you can equalize the pressure while snorkeling. A good snorkel mask is of the utmost importance for a pleasurable, effortless snorkeling. A quality snorkel mask can cost 30 USD and perfectly fit your needs, but you might also require a 150 USD mask for a satisfactory snorkeling.

Regardless of the kind of the mask you choose, there is only one way of checking the mask – face suitability: place face mask onto your face and breathe through your nose. Secondly, check whether the mask has a tempered safety glass. The mask should be automatically crushed into tiny pieces in the event of a crack. Your safety is more important so why bother asking – how much does a good snorkel mask cost?

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Best Bodyboards For All Ages

Bodyboards are boards that are used by water sport enthusiasts who love body boarding. It is a water sport where you ride the body board on its crest on the waves of water that is hurtling towards the shore. So how do you choose the best bodyboards?

Bodyboards come in different sizes and colour variants that you can choose from according to your needs.

What is the purpose of bodyboards?

Bodyboards has its purpose among the vast oceans by the beach and very much less on land. Following are some of the key purposes it will benefit you, if you are a true fan of summer water sports:

  • Bodyboard comes with different designs and shapes, so it is strongly recommended that you choose the right board as per your abilities
  • Balance is an important aspect while bodyboarding, especially when you hit the shore break. Therefore, the crust present on the front of the board offers you the grip that you require to attain that balance
  • Your personal choice of colour, textures, design, material and so on can be made during purchase to make it look glamorous and intriguing to the eye
  • It is very soft and makes you feel comfortable once you lie on it.

Which are the best bodyboards?

Some of the best bodyboards on the market in 2018 that you can choose are as follows;

  • Morey Mach 7 Bodyboard

This type of bodyboard ranges in size between 41 inch and 43 inches. It is made up of Polyethylene core that has a very long durability and does not wear easily. However, you shall not take these advantages for granted, instead you are strongly recommended to handle with care

  • Beach Attack Waveweapon

This type of bodyboard has sizes of 33, 37 and 41 inches respectively. The material that the bodyboard is manufactured from is EPS core that offers you a great balance. Therefore, you are not bound to lose balance when you hit the shore break and come to a standstill

  • Lucky Bums Bodyboard

This type of bodyboard also has size of 33,37 and 41 inches respectively. The material used is like that of the beach attack waveweapon, with an addition of Polyethylene bottom. This ensures that your bodyboard does not wear out easily and does provide you a frim grip when you hit the mighty waves.

In conclusion, each bodyboard has its special attributes and with this guide you can choose the best bodyboard that suits your style.

Things to consider before buying the best scuba tanks

Every dive boat, dive shop and scuba diver use scuba tanks. Basically, there is only the standard Aluminum cubic foot tank; you will get different shapes and size of any other scuba tanks. Each of the scuba tanks has a unique level of disadvantages and advantages, cost, and use. It is quite daunting to choose the Best scuba tanks according to your preference.

Breathing underwater is made possible only with the help of the scuba tanks. All most all the scuba diving tanks fulfilled the same tasks but they come in different shapes, pressure ratings, colors, and sizes.

These tanks are known by various names such as the scuba bottles, cylinders or tanks. They can be long or short, thin or fat and can different mixes of air, nitrox or even the tri-mix that is a combination item of different gases. The volume of air or gas that they hold can ranges from 50 cubic feet to 150 cubic feet inside the tank.

Let’s check the basic considerations to choose your best scuba tanks:


Aluminum 80 tank is most popular as it is quite cheap. But there are also the Aluminum 50, 63 and 100 cubic foot units. But 80 is the first size and second are 72, both have rounded bottoms and they are quite taller so they counted as the Best scuba tanks. There also the steel tanks that come in different sizes and shapes. These tanks have better buoyancy compared to the aluminum tanks as they don’t float at the end of your dive. You don’t need to give more effort in the counter weighing the tanks as you need to do with the aluminum one as they are naturally quite heavy. With good maintenance, the steel tanks can last longer than the aluminum one.

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The physical size of the scuba tanks

Generally, it is the length of the tanks but not the diameter that bothers the scuba divers most.  Carrying the Tank without dragging it across the boat dock is the sign that the tanks are too heavy for you to carry or your arms are not enough long to carry them. If you are looking for the Best scuba tanks, it is important to choose according to your capacity.

To get the best scuba tanks, it is important to send your tank for the hydrostatic test to ensure that you are using a safe tank that will not leak or explode when filled.

Smart features of new dive watches in 2018

 Diving is the favorite hobby of many people and it is also an adventurous career for others. Deep sea and scuba diving, these two have a lot of participants.

For some people pushing their limits is a passion and diving to new depths is the ultimate thrill. But even the thrill seekers need to ensure that they will stay safe while they are participating in their favorite adventures and the divers need to keep track of the time that they spend underwater. People are now investing in a suitable diving watch to accompany them to the murky depth. Best dive watches in 2018 are considered as the best sports accessories due to the fact these watches are robust and tested rigorously to ensure that they can withstand the harsh deep-sea environment. They come with many exciting new features. Practical and stylish watches are in fashion now as most of the divers like to have the trendy gadgets.

But now, in this new first paced world of 2018, it is not just a precision underwater accessory but a luxurious fashion statement for the men. As you are dive into a deep sea, you have great choices of dive watches to choose at an affordable price.

Features that you will get in the best dive watches of 2018

  • When you are looking for the best dive watches in 2018 your first preference should be the classic look of your watch. You must go for the divine classic watch look because looks come first if you want to maintain your style statement. Here you will get the waterproof metal made straps or the durable and high-quality rubber strap. You can choose the one according to your preference and your budget.
  • It is best to go with the renowned brands or popular manufacturer because you will not only get best of design with them but also updated features of 2018. With most of the smart models of 2018, you will get 200 to 300m water resistance.
  • If you are looking for something unique and different, you will get lots of color options of the strap. With the colorful straps, you can change your looks from classy to sporty.
  • New best dive watches in 2018 are rated for their unique resistance to pressure at different depths. A good quality timepiece should come with an easy to read dial that can be properly read through your diving mask and also in the low lighting condition.
  • Every good quality dive watch of 2018 comes with a luminous watch face, which is readable in the pitch black condition from a distance of 25cm.