Choosing the best snorkel booties for your next scuba adventure

If you have chosen to use the open heel fins over the closed foot fins, you need invest in a pair of scuba boots or snorkel booties.

There are many reasons to use the snorkel booties. These boots or booties are best to get great protection for your feet against abrasions or cut while exiting the water especially on the rocky shores where you may likely encounter the stinging or urchin creatures.


If you have chosen the best snorkel booties, then you will surely get more comfortable diving experience. It is important to decide first that how thick you want your snorkel booties. Scuba booties, like the wetsuit, are constructed from the neoprene and the thickness ranges from 2mm to 7mm. If you are going to use the booties in cold water, chose the one on the basis of your comfort level and have the best-fitted booties. If you are going to dive in the colder water, it is best to have a bootie with a higher thickness that may keep your feet safe in such condition.


All the best snorkel booties come in general shoe sizes and give you an impression that you are wearing sneakers. Again, it is important to consider the comfort and fit when you are deciding the size of your snorkel booties. It should not be too much tight or too much large according to your feet. Keep in mind that if the shoe is too big, it will fill with water and your feet will float inside the shoe and eventually it will make your feet cold.

Length of the booty

The length of your scuba booties plays a significant role to keep them warm underwater. Mid-length booties are best in this concern. If they are too short, they may slip from the wetsuit and make your leg exposed. Choose the scuba booties that reach high enough your ankle to be more secure under the wetsuit.


When you are buying or choosing the best snorkel booties, check that the seams of the shoe are waterproof. These types of booties will help you to keep your feet warmer. Glued, blind stitched and liquid taped seams are known as best snorkel booties.

Once you got the idea about your scuba booties, you need to consider the brand or the price. There are many well-known shoe brands that offer the high-quality scuba booties. It is always best to buy the shoes from renowned brand to get best of quality that can give you the ultimate pleasure and comfort at the time of scuba diving.