How to get the best dive knives for your diving adventures

How to get the best dive knives for your diving adventures

When you are looking for good dive knives, you have plenty of options, the smallest ones, big ones, odd looking and so on. But it is important to choose the best one only because it is a top priority to have a knife underwater to get you out of any uncertain trouble, not attacking the seaborne villains.

Steel knife, Alloy or the Titanium dive knife

It is all about your money and how much you are willing to pay. Titanium knife costs twice the price of the same dive knife in steel. Titanium knife is little pricey as it does not rust like steel. If you are looking for Best dive knives, you can go for the Titanium one as they are lighter and stronger than steel. Unless you need the knives for a short time, like a holiday you can go for the titanium one.

Titanium blades are surely the best but as your second best choice you can consider the 300 series alloy. These types of knives need a little bit care to last long. The alloy is sharp resistance but you need to sharpen the knife after few uses.

Good Sheath

Without a good sheath, your dive knife can fall out in your very first dive. It is one of the most important factors to keep in mind if you are looking for Best dive knives. It is better to check whether it clips in the flush or you need to jiggle to get it in. You can also make sure that if you can put it back in either way round because you will not be able to see very well when you are diving underwater.


If you are looking for the Best dive knives, you need to consider few important features of it like:

  • A smooth and standard blade
  • A serrated blade that may allow you to cut through things without applying lots of downward pressure
  • A net cutter

Dive attachments

Some of the dive knives come with the straps only and others with lots of other things. If you want to strap the knife onto your leg, then don’t go for the knives with hose attachments. You can also go for a high quality branded knives to get more attachment options.

Always keep in mind that finest and best dive knives are just a tool and not your underwater weapon. So don’t buy a 10inch cutlass, it will be difficult to use. Have the one with the 5-inch blade and have the same size handle and make a practical choice.