Things to consider before buying the best scuba tanks

Things to consider before buying the best scuba tanks

Every dive boat, dive shop and scuba diver use scuba tanks. Basically, there is only the standard Aluminum cubic foot tank; you will get different shapes and size of any other scuba tanks. Each of the scuba tanks has a unique level of disadvantages and advantages, cost, and use. It is quite daunting to choose the Best scuba tanks according to your preference.

Breathing underwater is made possible only with the help of the scuba tanks. All most all the scuba diving tanks fulfilled the same tasks but they come in different shapes, pressure ratings, colors, and sizes.

These tanks are known by various names such as the scuba bottles, cylinders or tanks. They can be long or short, thin or fat and can different mixes of air, nitrox or even the tri-mix that is a combination item of different gases. The volume of air or gas that they hold can ranges from 50 cubic feet to 150 cubic feet inside the tank.

Let’s check the basic considerations to choose your best scuba tanks:


Aluminum 80 tank is most popular as it is quite cheap. But there are also the Aluminum 50, 63 and 100 cubic foot units. But 80 is the first size and second are 72, both have rounded bottoms and they are quite taller so they counted as the Best scuba tanks. There also the steel tanks that come in different sizes and shapes. These tanks have better buoyancy compared to the aluminum tanks as they don’t float at the end of your dive. You don’t need to give more effort in the counter weighing the tanks as you need to do with the aluminum one as they are naturally quite heavy. With good maintenance, the steel tanks can last longer than the aluminum one.

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The physical size of the scuba tanks

Generally, it is the length of the tanks but not the diameter that bothers the scuba divers most.  Carrying the Tank without dragging it across the boat dock is the sign that the tanks are too heavy for you to carry or your arms are not enough long to carry them. If you are looking for the Best scuba tanks, it is important to choose according to your capacity.

To get the best scuba tanks, it is important to send your tank for the hydrostatic test to ensure that you are using a safe tank that will not leak or explode when filled.