Top 4 Diving Spots In Mexico

Top 4 Diving Spots In Mexico

For lack of a better word, Mexico is an easy-to-access paradise that ranks very high, if not the highest, among scuba divers in both Mexico and from around the world. Mexico holds hundreds, if not thousands, of great dives to explore. So, if you are planning a dive vacation in Mexico, rest assured you have chosen the best place in the Caribbean world.

Being a diving hub, Mexico has something for every diver irrespective of their level of dive. Here are some of the best diving spots in Mexico.

Banco Chinchorro

In more often than not, the best diving spots in Mexico is usually found in very remote locations. One of the best diving locations located in remote and protected area is Banco Chimchorro. Located off the coast of the famous Costa Maya, this is a diving spot that must be in your wish lists. It has very low traffic and you are more likely to find that your dive boat is the only one here.

Underwater Museum

The Underwater Museum, also known as MUSA, is among the most famous attractions for scuba divers who come to Mexico from all corners of the world thanks to its hard to believe life-sized sculptures. The museum is home to more than 500 big pieces of art, and located in the waters between Isla Mujeres, Punta Nizuc and Cancun.

Here, you will have an opportunity to scuba dive with various marine species such as sea turtles, dolphins, nurse sharks and so on.

Punta Cancun

Punta Cancun is a very popular dive site in Mexico, and it provides easy access to some of the most healthy and beautiful coral reef systems. It also opens up to many other great dive sites for divers who get enough of it. Located to the east of the hotel zone of Cancun, the site is home to stunning colored coral and many species of marine life including rays, sharks and barracuda just to mention but a few.

Pared Verde

Pared Verde is a beautiful dive site which is located about 25 minutes or less by boat from the marina found at Playa Del Carmen. The site consists of a protective wall that stretches up to about 30 meters deep. It’s actually a dive site because it lets divers see wall in its full glory. From the stunning coral, sea, an array of macro-invertebrates, sea fans and sponges, +you will definitely have a diving experience you will never forget.